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We understand fighting can be intimidating, but at FIIT Co, we check our egos at the door. Our team and inclusive community will be in your corner every step of the way. 

Looking to learn some of the basics before stepping into the studio? Check out THE GROUNDWORK - Our complete beginner's guide. This comprehensive resource will provide you with the knowledge and understanding you need to start your journey confidently.


$50 FOR 2 WEEKS 

Unlock your true potential with our exclusive offer: 14 days of unlimited classes for just $50. 

Meet the team, explore the diverse range of classes, and experience the thrill of pushing your limits, both physically and mentally. Join us today and unlock a world of possibilities!


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I decided to try this gym out after being fed up with impersonal and crowded gyms in the area and it was a really great choice. I have beginner level experience with boxing so I knew I’d love the style of training- what I didn’t expect and was the happiest about was how welcoming the team is. They are so open to hearing what their customers like and don’t like, they push you to train hard and get the most out of your workout while teaching you to focus on mindset and technique as well. Overall such a great community vibe and will definitely be signing up for a regular membership! Awesome.
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I recently started working out at FIIT CO. I’ve been training my whole life and yet to have a experience like this. The classes are very intense and will push you too your limits. They integrate kickboxing with boxing, conditioning, strength, and hyper trophy work. With a whole bunch of other exercises that will get you in the best shape of your life. I signed up today and will be taking many more classes in the future!
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I am not a fan of traditional HIIT classes, so I love that the classes at FIIT Co are a mix of cardio, strength AND martial arts. I leave knowing I have sharpened tools I can use outside of the gym, which is something I find traditional HIIT classes lack. The classes are engaging, challenging, and suited to ALL levels. You can expect a killer workout with exceptional instructors pushing you from start to finish. The community here is SO welcoming. I know that Toronto gyms can be “cliquey” and impersonal, but FIIT Co is absolutely not one of those gyms. The passion Kiian and Jason have is palpable. Highly recommend!
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Fighter training starts when you want to give up." I've been going to this gym for almost a year now! I'm so happy to have found a place that I actually look forward to going to sweat and work hard. Even when I feel lazy and it's so easy to bail, I know that I'll leave Jason or Kiian's class feeling better. These guys know their stuff. Not just technique, but you'll also feel welcome, unintimidated, challenged, supported, and have fun. Your body, mind, and spirit will thank you.
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