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$50 FOR 2 WEEKS 

Hey East Toronto! Get ready to unlock your true potential with our exclusive offer: 14 days of unlimited classes for just $50.


Check out our boxing, Muay Thai, circuit, and strength training classes, and experience the thrill of pushing your limits physically and mentally. 


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2 Week Trial
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FIIT Co. is a top-rated Leslieville gym specializing in Muay Thai, boxing, and group fitness classes. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, our Muay Thai, boxing, and group fitness classes will leave you feeling strong, sharp, and healthy - both mentally and physically.

Ready to begin your Muay Thai and boxing journey?




Fight Inspired Interval Training - is the brainchild of a father-son duo with extensive professional experience in boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai and strength training. Drawing upon our years of competitive fighting, we have developed a training system, crafted around the 7 Key Components of Fitness, that caters to individuals of all fitness levels, providing them with the most effective physical and mental training methods used by world-class fighters.  

At FIIT, we believe that everyone has a reason to fight, and it doesn't necessarily involve stepping foot in a ring. Whether you're motivated by improving your health, supporting your family, advancing your career, or securing your livelihood, our program is specifically designed to help you discover your "fighter's mindset" and overcome any challenge life throws your way.



1047 Gerrard Street E.
Toronto, ON
M4M 1Z7




We understand fight training can be intimidating, but at FIIT Co., we check our egos at the door. Our team and community will be in your corner every step of the way.

Looking to learn some of the basics before stepping into our boxing gym? Check out THE GROUNDWORK - Our complete beginner's guide to boxing and Muay Thai. This comprehensive resource will provide you with the knowledge you need to start your Muay Thai and boxing journey confidently. 


I initially started with the two-week trial at FIIT Co, and it was all I needed to be convinced that this gym is something special. It's become a staple in my fitness routine, and I genuinely look forward to every class. The encouragement to push yourself is ever-present, and the sense of accomplishment after each session is unbeatable.

The group fitness and boxing classes are not only challenging but also incredibly enjoyable, thanks to the fantastic trainers who bring so much energy and expertise to every session. The camaraderie among fellow members is truly special – everyone is friendly, motivating, and genuinely welcoming, making each workout an uplifting experience.

A huge shoutout to the owners, Jason and Kiian, who truly make this place exceptional. Their dedication to creating a positive and inclusive environment is evident in every aspect of the gym. It's not just a place to work out; it's a community that supports you in your fitness and fighting journey.

If you're looking for a gym where you can get fit, be challenged, learn new skills, and feel genuinely welcomed, look no further. This is hands down the best and most enjoyable place to work out. I couldn't be happier with my decision to join!


I decided to try this gym out after being fed up with impersonal and crowded gyms in the area and it was a really great choice. I have beginner level experience with boxing so I knew I’d love the style of training- what I didn’t expect and was the happiest about was how welcoming the team is. They are so open to hearing what their customers like and don’t like, they push you to train hard and get the most out of your workout while teaching you to focus on mindset and technique as well. Overall such a great community vibe and will definitely be signing up for a regular membership! Awesome.


FIIT Co. is amazing! The classes were exactly what I say looking for - a fun and challenging mix of cardio and strength-training. The instructor Jason was also incredible - he made me feel right at home with his positive energy. If you’re looking for a effective, no-nonsense workout in a welcoming environment, would highly recommend!


I recently experienced the exceptional boxing classes at Fiit Co, a family-owned business led by the dynamic duo, Kiian and Jason. Their passion for fitness and commitment to creating a welcoming atmosphere truly set them apart. The father-son team brings a personalized touch to every session, making it a unique and enjoyable experience. The camaraderie they foster adds an extra layer to the workout, making it feel like more than just exercise. If you're looking for a family-oriented boxing experience with skilled instructors, Fiit Co is the place to be.


So I purchased the $40 intro pass to get started. Honestly I was a little nervous because I didn't know if I could keep up in the class. First impression - great space ! Dozens of bags (heavy, double end, teardrop) ! So much equipment - skip ropes, dumbbells, kettlebells, suspension trainers and assault bikes etc. Great instruction from Jason and Kiian ! They really break down the moves so you know what to do. So far everyone I have met is super nice and it's a great supportive atmosphere. I definitely want to get a package of classes. I would highly recommend FIIT Co. to anyone looking to break out of their gym rut !

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