Changes to Our Facility

In the interest of safety, our facility has been strategically divided into six 12-foot boxes (which allows for more than the required space for physical distancing). Each boxed-off area is equipped with a heavy bag, an assault bike and other various accessory equipment that will be utilized during the workout. Our program is designed as a “you vs. you” set-up, with each individual in their own boxed-off area, complete with everything required for the workout of the day. Your only competition is yourself.

Keeping You Safe

Each one of our classes has a maximum of six participants and one instructor. Everyone will wear a mask upon entering the gym and keep it on until they are in their individual boxed-off area.

Sign-in, passive symptom screening, temperature scanning and hand sanitizing is completed immediately upon entering the gym.

A the end of every class and/or every personal training session, all equipment and the floors are disinfected thoroughly.


Please email us with your COVID-19 protocol questions and we will do our best to answer them as quickly as possible.